Servicing All Sydney Suburbs

CBD Removals owns the best tracking record for giving the most quality and effective services. We cater to home, office or commercial business. There is no huge or small task for us because we are very flexible and we can adjust according to your needs. We can move you across the street or miles away.

CBD Removals is a family owned business believing on the principles of effective and efficient services. You are insured that our budget wise services will give you the moving experience that you deserve.

We understand how moving can cause you a lot of money, hence we prepared the following advice on how you can save from your moving adventure:

  • Sell your unused clothing, kitchen utensils, books, magazines, etc. Plan for a garage sale at least two months before your moving schedule. In this way you can have more time to advertise and expect better results.
  • Do your own packing for your clothing and other simple items that are easily packed. On the other hand, let the experts pack the complex items for more security and assurance that it will reach your home safe and sound.
  • Durable and tough boxes may cost you some dollars but this is the best material for packing. Never sacrifice your valued belongings by using low quality boxes.
  • You can also contact friends and relatives who recently moved. You may have the chance to borrow or ask for the packing materials they have previously used.
  • Ensure that all possible sources of disturbance and delay during your moving day are addressed. For example, check and coordinate access points for both your old and new home. Find a way and ask help from your moving company so that nothing blocks you during the moving day.

CBD Removals is one of the longest serving moving companies in Australia. We give the highest quality of moving at the most reasonable cost. We are glad when we surprise our customers with fantastic services. We are really delighted when we exceed the common expectations of our clients. We fully understand that customer satisfaction is the bloodline of our successful business.